5x Tiger Balm Medicated Plaster Cool (10cm x 14cm)

$ 20.49

  • 5x 2 cooling plasters
  • cooling and soothing
  • relief of muscular pain
  • 10cm x 14cm

$ 20.49
$ 39.29
$ 72.99

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5x Tiger Balm Medicated Plaster Cool

Cooling Plasters (10cm x 14cm)

Tiger Balm Medicated Plaster Cool analgesic patch for relief of muscular pains – cooling and soothing.


1 bag contains 2 plasters/patches – 10cm x 14cm & adhesive bandages.


Tiger Balm Cooling Plaster White provides a long lasting muscular pain relief. It specifically helps to relieve sprains, strains, contusions, stiff neck & shoulders and similar muscular pain.

Tiger Balm Medicated Plaster DirectionsOnce applied, its ingredients are absorbed into the skin to stimulate blood circulation which helps to expedite the healing process.


  • Clean and dry area of application. Avoid direct contact with hot or sweaty skin.
  • Remove the middle paper-part of the addhesive bandage (pic 2).
  • Fix the cooling patch onto the bandage – plastic film facing up (pic 5).
  • Peel off th protective plastic film from the cooling patch (pic 6).
  • Remove the lateral paper-parts of the addhesive bandage (pic 7).
  • Apply the plaster to the affected area once or twice a day (pic 8).

Using hydrogel technology on non-woven ventilated material, Tiger Balm Plaster (Cool) is comfortable to use with easy-on, easy-off application that leaves no residue on skin, and provides quick, effective muscular pain relief for hours.

Active ingredients per 100g of the paste:

Camphor: 1.0 g, Mentha Oil 0.6 g, Eucalyptus Oil: 0.5 g, Menthol: 0.3 g

Caution:Tiger Balm

  • For external use only.
  • Do not apply around eyes, mucous membrane, wounds or inflammed skin.
  • These medicated plasters can have an aggressive effect on sensitive skin and lead to skin irritations.
  • Don’t apply on hot or sweaty skin.
  • Pregnant and nursing women and any person with allergic reactions should consult a physician before use.
  • These medicated plasters are and do not replace any medicine.
  • Store in cool place away from direct sunlight and below 25° C.


We would like to point out that we usually do NOT store balms, oils, creams and other health and care products as they have an expiration date, but always buy those products “fresh” for each order. Therefore, the shipment may possibly be delayed by 1-2 days.

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