6x Tiger Balm Red 10g

$ 25.29

  • 6x red balm 10g 
  • warming and soothing
  • promotes circulation
  • relieves backpain, stiffness, etc.
  • for external use only
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6x Tiger Balm Red 10g

This classic Tiger Balm Red is made from herbal ingredients and has warming and circulatory properties.


Red Tiger Balm has a warming and circulatory effect and is recommended for tension, back pain, muscle and joint discomfort, rheumatic diseases, osteoarthritis, sciatica, lumbago, neck stiffness and has a calming scent.


Camphor: 25 %, Menthol: 10 %, Cajuput oil: 7 %, Mint oil: 6 %, Clove oil: 5 %, Cassia oil: 5 %

Caution:Tiger Balm

  • For external use only !
  • Be careful not to get any of the balm into (or close to) your eyes, open wounds, mucous membranes, etc !
  • Do not use with heating pads or heating devices.
  • This balm can have quite an aggressive effect on sensitive skin and lead to skin irritations or even inflamation – apply cautiously !
  • This analgesic balm is and does not replace any medicine.
  • Store below 30° C.


We would like to point out that we usually do NOT store balms, oils, creams and other health and care products as they have an expiration date, but always buy those products “fresh” for each order. Therefore, the shipment may possibly be delayed by 1-2 days.

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